5 HonorSociety.org benefits you may not know about

This article was written by Monica Woodhams for the HonorSociety.org Elevate e-magazine. This series features top featured writers from the HonorSociety.org writing program. The original article can be found here

Whether you are a brand new member of HonorSociety.org or you’ve been a member since you started your undergraduate education, you might not be taking full advantage of everything that HonorSociety.org has to offer you. HonorSociety.org prides itself in providing the largest number of benefits amongst honor societies. These benefits are intended to help you throughout your university experience and beyond so that you can worry less and focus on achieving your goals more.

1. Monthly Scholarship Awards

Did you know that you’re not limited to applying for the yearly scholarships to help you out with your finances? Each month, every HonorSociety.org member is eligible to enter the writing contest. There’s a winner each month and he or she will receive a $250 award. Click here for details on how to enter.


2. Travel Discounts

A lot of travel can be involved in your last few semesters of college. You might be needing to travel for out of town job interviews or visiting graduate schools all across the country. In order to help you through this process, you are eligible for discounts including car rentals. As an HonorSociety.org member, you can receive up to 20% off car rentals through Hertz. Click here for details.


3. Health Insurance Discounts

Health insurance is tricky and it’s hard to figure out where you can save. That’s why HonorSociety.org has partnered with services that can give you discounts on health care. This includes discounts on your dental care through Careington. Another health benefit is for discounts and savings on your vision care through EyeMed Vision Care.


4. Restaurant Gift Cards

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. After all the hard work you put in for school and in your job, it’s important to be able to celebrate your wins and treat yourself. As an HonorSociety.org member, you are eligible to receive a $25 gift card for Restaurant.com which is valid at over 18,000 restaurants nation wide. Click here for details.


5. Test Prep

Test prep can be expensive, but it’s necessary especially if you want to get into the graduate school program of your choice. HonorSociety.org helps you out by providing discounts on test prep through BenchPrep. You can receive online interactive test prep for GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT and receive it for $19.99 as opposed to the usual price of $150. To learn more click here.

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