Building From Small Paid Jobs/Internships

We’re delving back into the important aspects of finance again!

Small paid internships, or jobs, what do you do with them? Often more times than not, college students underestimate the use of such opportunities and simply pass them by without a second thought. Small paying internships or jobs could actually benefit a college individual a lot more than they may seem.


Time & Financial Aid

The obvious first benefit is the benefit of time. Gradually, saving the little money you do acquire from these jobs/internships will add up. Yes, they are a small amount and may seem to do nothing but try collecting pennies over periods of times and see what happens. Something small can easily lead to something grander. You’ll continuously build up experience in your field and skill, while building up finance one step at a time. Sometimes slow and steady does win the race. Apart from that, small internships/jobs don’t affect your financial aid—for those who are receiving it- a great thought to put in the back of your mind.



As you will see from my last blog post about writing portfolios, portfolios in general are important to have around. Keep these small internships/jobs and watch your portfolio grow into something worth presenting to an employer. Even if you don’t have something set and ready, look into what you could improve, ask the employers you’re currently working under what could better benefit your work. It never hurts to ask from some assistance, even with the people your working for.



Ah yes, networking, the most elite way to get your work and skill around. While important and a heavy part of your working experience, networking has a wider influence in a small working environment because of the mere aspect that the working environment is small. Smaller working environment means easier access for people to get to know one another. It’s like a suburb or a small village. Everyone knows everyone.

Always keep in mind that networking is about being as genuine as possible, being authentic, and building the trust and relationships you need to succeed. You want to get to understand how others can help you and how you can help others and while, most of us don’t appreciate the small internships/jobs that we acquire, displaying a negative attitude will get you nowhere.

Some interesting ways to enhance your networking capabilities would be to participate in networking meetings. There, you can pick up groups that will help you find what you’re looking for in your work experience. Most meetings often talk about business connections/contacts and learning from the environment around you, so definitely take that moment in for greater experience. Holding volunteer positions in the organization you work for (if they have any) also helps you stay visible and give back to anyone who may have assisted you. Some lists of other things that will benefit you; asking open-ended questions in networking conversations, becoming known as a very strong and reliable resource for others, having a clear understanding of what you and why you do it, and following through swiftly and quickly with any orders or assignments you’re given.  Always ask yourself what your goals are in this small internship/job you’re working at and use that as a strong standing point to build on.

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