How to stay motivated during the summer

Summer: the synonym for relaxation, the beach, and time all to yourself, but if you manage your time wisely, you can have a healthy balance of summer fun and responsibility. Universities offer a variety of classes over the summer that many students never take advantage of because it seems like a paradoxical idea to have classes over the summer, when they are supposed to be over. But, summer classes can be a great way to save time, money, and to make room for your fun classes that you really want to take during the year. Therefore, I would recommend taking the general education classes over the summer, instead of during the school year. All of those required 100 level classes can be a great option to take over the summer because they are usually not too time consuming or difficult, so they are the perfect fit for the summer. What’s best about summer classes is that they are an abridged version of the full semester class, so this can be both positive and negative. Logically, if the class is shorter, then there would be less emphasis on the details, but there may be more to study. Therefore, maintaining those good study habits that you practice during the year are just as important during the summer. For example, one of the most helpful tips for students in any class is finding a buddy to study with. During the summer, classes are usually smaller, so finding a buddy to compare notes with and study becomes easier than during the year when there may be 150+ students in the lecture.

Another tip would be choosing classes that have an online option. If a class can be offered online, then it automatically takes away the stress of the campus rush every day, and the work is usually paced at a more relaxed level. But, always keep in mind your likes and dislikes and if you prefer a lecture, like me, then go for it. In terms of preparing for a summer class, always make sure that you check the price for textbooks at different sites before buying them. One campus store could be up to $20 or more cheaper in one place than another. Even better, ask around and see if a friend has already taken the class during the fall or spring semester, and if they still have the book, by all means borrow it. If you aren’t sure if you will actually need the textbook required for the class, because we all know that there is that one professor that never uses the book, wait until the first day of class and read the syllabus or ask the professor before buying the so-called required materials for the class, if you don’t have a friend to ask beforehand. But, the most important thing to keep in mind while taking a summer class, or any class in general, is to keep motivated.

When you are motivated to take a class, it becomes a lot easier to tackle it with success. We all get those days where we want to sit at home and relax with a good tub of ice cream and a series on Netflix, but missing a day during the summer semester is harder to make up than one during the year. Always go to class and remember to take good notes apart from the readings and lecture notes. For example, if the professor further explains the notes, then write down everything that they say, because those multiple choice assessments can be tricky if you didn’t pay enough attention in class. Finally, there is always time to get ahead and learn more. I know that we have all been at the point where we finish the assigned homework chapter and we feel the satisfaction of having finished the homework, but if you have extra time, then do more. If there were parts of the reading you didn’t understand, look them up, we live in the age of Google. If you know the assignments for the next few days, then do what you can now, so you can get even more ahead later. Part of being proactive is continuing your motivation during the summer. With these tips, your summer class should go by with a breeze and before you know it, the only breeze you’ll feel is the one by the beach!



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