How to stay motivated with academics over summer break

Summer’s here and automatically your brain starts to give you this idea that it’s time to shut down for an entire 3 months, but you know if that happens the harder it will be to get back into the swing of things once the fall rolls back around. Well, we can’t let that happen so instead consider a few things to help you stay motivated over the summer.

Choose a few good books


Nothing better than falling head first into a good book to keep the brain open and alert but at the same time relaxing. It helps pass the time without becoming a total couch potato. Investing in two to three books is a good idea to keep your mind interested in learning.

Take a class


I know, I know. It’s summer time. Time for days spent on a beach and long road trips. Well, it’s not impossible to do those things and still get a few classes out the way. It’s doesn’t need to be anything complex but maybe a class or maybe even two if you can handle it. It’s something to definitely consider also if you have plans to graduate early. There’s no traffic when you’re going the extra mile.



I don’t know about anyone else but when I volunteer I feel inspired to do more after seeing what I accomplish by helping others at no cost. It can really give you a sense of purpose which is a key ingredient to stay motivated. Get your hands a little dirty, help pull someone up and get involved in your community.



Working out can be a big stress reliever and is also very motivating. Don’t slack on your workouts. In fact, challenge yourself to add a little more to your workouts with the extra time in your schedule since school is out. By keeping your stress levels down, studying and getting back into your school work won’t take such a toll on your brain.

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