Taking Advantage of Internships

A lot of the times when people think of internships, their mind travels to an assistance job that barely pays if anything at all, but this doesn’t have to be your mindset when you go in search for an internship. If you want to use these tips to take advantage of time spent in college or simply a booster starter for your future careers, know that either option will help you in the long run for better finances.

Work Experience. As much of you already know, gaining an internship ultimately means gaining work experience for the future opportunities. However, a lot of people often times forget the other benefit to obtaining an internship: your skills. When you continually work various internships, your skill in whatever field you’re going into, increases and with every increase you become more qualified for the next opportunity. Think of leveling up when playing a video game. Every level up advances your skill points more and more each time. Keep this in mind next time you go to apply.

Outside/Non-School Internships. Some of the best internships can be found outside of your college. Why so? When it comes to internships inside of your college, often more than not, the college allows you to work around your it with how it pertains to your class schedule. Most colleges also sometimes consider inside internships to be more of a practice, though you do get paid sometimes and you are doing work. When you receive an outside internship, things are usually more fast-paced compared to the contrary and it may be a little more difficult to have things switch around per your class schedule. Yes, some places like to consider your time and how you can work around it, but remember, this is not school, so, with everything so fast-paced, them working around your time does not mean things slowing down for you. You also have to remember that you’re working for a company and when it comes down to companies, they expect you to make their products, writing, materials, etc., look great no matter what. You’re representing them, so there is a lot more at stake.

Paying Back Loans. A lot of college students use loans to help pay for school but while nearing the end of school or graduating, there’s that thought of paying back. With a good internship that pays, keep in mind, not just the money and amount you’re earning, but how you can use it to not only save up for future needs but pay back those loans. Since it is an internship, the pay will most likely be a lot less than if it was an actual job. So what is a good option to start if you’re on internship pay? Starting off paying the interest first is a great way to begin. This way, it’s not building up while you try to pay back the core amount of your loans.

Networking. Like a few of my other articles that I’ve written, the key to helping your future career and finance is networking. You have to know people, have to get yourself out there so that your name is being recognized. Is such a big deal to stress this importance because a lot of people miss great opportunities just for the mere fact that they didn’t want to speak up, too shy to be noticed. I understand, I am a shy person when it comes to speaking in front of others, but networking is always key. When you gain an internship, try to get to know as many people as possible, you never know; when you finish that internship, whoever you got to know may just have or be a great recommendation for another one. Also, getting recognized for great work you’re doing may gain the attention for potential employers searching for great workers.

With all that said, there’s something you should never do when you obtain an internship: never underestimate it. You never know what it could mean for you in the long run so do the best that you can and treat it with as much respect as you’d treat a regular job or potential career path.

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