HonorSociety.org and Why You Should Be An Active Member Post Grad

honorsociety.org, honor society, college, alumni, post-gradOn the surface, it seems like joining an honor society is something that you do during college and once you graduate, and you’re briefly reminded of it each time you update your resume. So, if being an active member of an honor society is about the college experience, then there’s no need to pay alumni dues once you graduate, right? Wrong!

We partnered with HonorSociety.org to get the inside scoop on honor societies and how to make the most out of your academic experience both in and out of college.

It turns out that joining honor societies like HonorSociety.org that span nation-wide are the tickets to your success after graduating. Not only do you receive benefits like scholarships and member trips as a student, but as a graduate you still get to partake in these benefits like career services and networking opportunities.

As students, HonorSociety.org members build online profiles that showcase their academic achievements and goals. This is vital to the career search as most employers will search for a student in a search engine and it’s important that a positive impression is made right away. Upon graduating, active alumni get to keep this profile and can continue to update it to represent their career growth.

HonorSociety.org active alumni also have the opportunity to give back and help and encourage students like them. With HonorSociety.org chapters popping up at universities across the country in Fall 2015, alumni can connect in person with these collegiate members and provide advice and mentorship. So, even if you move to a different state, you will still get a chance to be involved in the organization that helped you so much throughout college.

There’s something special about being a part of an organization that shares the same values during college, and something even more special about getting to continue this involvement after graduating no matter where you end up moving to.

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