How to Use Technology as a Networking Tool

Many of us use some form of technology to interact with others on a nearly constant basis. From cell phones to computers to tablets, there are endless opportunities for communication via an electronic device.

With the many available mediums for communication comes an increased ability to build networks with your peers, colleagues and potential future employers. If you aren’t sure how to build your network using technology, there are a few easy things you can do to get started.

1. Build connections on LinkedIn.

For those with little or no professional work experience, building a LinkedIn network can be difficult. However, it only takes a little self-promotion to grow your network past your friends and family.

LinkedIn is most useful when you include as much relevant information about yourself, your qualifications and career aspirations as possible. This does not require you to go overboard with your personal information; it simply means making yourself as appealing as possible from a professional standpoint.

Essentials to include on your LinkedIn page include an updated resume, your areas of expertise and a summary explaining who you are and what your career goals are. The more relevant information fields you fill, the more likely you will be to attract more connections.

2. Create professional social media pages.

Professional social media pages are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. Building a following on these sites is challenging, but there are a few ways it can be done.

First, you need to decide what the focus of your professional page will be. Ideally, the focus of your page will align with the career you hope to have.

Then, invite all of your friends and followers of your personal page to follow your professional page. Once you develop a following, it will be important to update the pages frequently so that your audience doesn’t lose interest.

If you are constantly updating and promoting your pages, people will start to take notice, helping you build a broader network of followers.

3. Create a blog.

Many people find that blogs are the best way to create a professional brand and build a network. Whether your blog is related to your future career or to your hobbies or interests, writing engaging and interesting posts can help you interact with a host of people throughout the country or the world.

Once you’ve started your blog, promotion is key to helping it take off. Share each of your posts with all of your social media followers, and encourage your followers to share your posts. The more shares you get, the bigger your online network will likely become.

Sometimes, using technology to build a network seems like a daunting task. However, if you don’t give up, your networking efforts will eventually come to fruition.

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