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The arrival of Uniqlo at the 16th street mall places an emphasis on Denver’s growing fashion scene which correlates with Colorado’s increasingly diverse population.

Uniqlo is an international brand that has a multitude of stores across Europe and parts of Asia, however it is quickly gaining popularity across the United States and Canada. The Japanese retailer is well known in the East Coast with multiple stores in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Another is set to open in Vancouver over the next few years. There are four more stores located in the West Coast, most of which reside in California. The Colorado location is due to Denver’s growing fashion scene said store manager Rolena Richardson.

“The stores opening coincides with the growing Denver fashion scene.”

Colorado’s laid back style is another reason why Uniqlo opened at the 16th Street Mall. The label is well known for its comfort and simplicity, all of which play an important role in every day dressing amongst Colorado residents.

“I really wanted the store to keep that out-doorsy Colorado feel whilst still emanating simplicity, comfort and class” said Richardson as she wandered around the two-story building.

Fashion writer for Denver’s 303 Magazine Kayla Klein said that the store specialized in Life Wear,  which is important given Colorado’s out-door athletic culture. Uniqlo’s clothes are durable yet classic.

“Uniqlo specializes in Life Wear, simple designs that look stylish and are practical. I think this perfectly applies to Colorado style: simple yet stylish. So, I think the store will thrive here.”

The store is sparkling, with wooden floors and glass escalators that separate the two parts of the huge department building. Mannequins are bare aside from the chic clothing that covers their plastic bodies.

Clientele has been immensely busy since the grand opening, especially with the number of sales that are taking place over the holiday season. Denver Pavilions president Mark Sidell feels confident that the stores location is due to attract many shoppers from across the state and country.

“Opening the flagship Uniqlo store in the Rocky Mountain Region is a big win for downtown Denver. It’s sure to be a tourist attraction in addition to serving shoppers from across the city and the state.” Sidell said in statement.

Despite its debatable prices and competitors such as H&M and Forever 21, Uniqlo’s chic simplicity and durability is what draws customers in said fashion writer Klein.

“Uniqlo’s mantra is “simple made better,” “so even though the prices for Uniqlo’s simple clothes compare to the prices of H&M’s statement pieces, I think the quality of Uniqlo’s designs will outlast the trends.”

Klein confirmed that the store is yet to showcase any of their designs within the Denver local fashion scene as it is an international brand. Despite this fact, the retailer will showcase their designs in private runway shows as they introduce new collections.

“I imagine that Uniqlo will do their own runway shows when they introduce new collections.” “I don’t think that it will participate in local fashion shows, since it is an international brand.”

Klein of 303 Magazine concluded. “I think that Uniqlo will elevate Colorado’s laid back style. I hope it will show locals that simple and comfortable can be stylish too.”

Uniqlo’s arrival will have a definite impact on fashion in Colorado as more and more people are introduced to the store through local fashion media outlets and the online merchandise. The mile-high city will strengthen its foothold on the American culture map, offering more than just the mountains and marijuana to tourists and non-residents alike.

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