Technology in the Classroom and Outside!


When it comes to the nature of classroom learning a lot has changed with the inclusion of technology. When it comes to increasing productivity, achieving higher grades and becoming more creative, kids and young adults have access to more technology in the classroom today than they have ever had before. There are a number of big ways that students are using technology to improve their lives and to improve the classroom experience. Here are some top examples of how technology is being used to change the nature of learning.

Collaboration tools: Online collaboration tools are making it easy for teachers to post online materials for homework as well as collaborate with their students outside of the classroom. Utilizing cloud technology and web-based applications is possible for students to enjoy interactive activities even in the home or on various devices. Kids can draw together, solve equations together and even share files making the process of working on group reports and projects much easier. Products and services like Google Docs, spreadsheets are primary examples of making this easy for students to do. Students can even get tutors from all around the world and have access to a virtually infinite number of resources, be it live, online teachers, webinars or even wikipedia.

New interactive activities: The process of taking quizzes and enjoying interactive activities is actually a lot easier. Teachers have umpteen resources available via online learning portals and students can enjoy online applications like flash cards and other learning resources that can help them to work on their skills at home.

Creative tools: Children and young adults now have more tools for creativity available on their devices. With a whole host of apps on mobile phones that can help kids learn new skills and showcase their artistic talents there are also a number of free online web tools to help kids harness their creativity. Children can also receive positive reinforcement and collaborate on creative efforts via social media accounts. With so much social integration and so many forms of free software that boost creativity, children can find their talents and enhance them. With even major corporations like Adobe scrambling to offer their Creative Cloud suite on tablets, artists now no longer need to sit at a desk to work, but can take their work with them be it on the train, the beach or almost anywhere they’d like to go.

Another more recent trend with the proliferation of the internet is traditional services being disrupted by online based companies. Perfect examples of this would be Uber disrupting traditional taxi services, Esurance with insurance and more related to colleges, honorsocieties like These companies tend to provide more value for money, better benefits for their consumers and a deeper and wider social community for its members.

Utilizing some of these tools and more, students today are harnessing the power of technology to change the way they learn and the educational results they achieve. I feel this development is going to be a boon for education, when learning in itself becomes less of something you do at school for hours on end, but becomes more of a living, breathing part of your day that you can take with you anywhere, interact with other people about, get feedback and have access to it whenever you desire.

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