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We all know about Lululemon, and if you don’t, let me fill you in. They’re an active wear clothing company for men and women that sell over priced workout clothes. It has been a clothing obsession for many young and old in recent years, with their colorful legging’s and funny looking symbol it seems we can’t get enough of them. The company hasn’t been without controversy though. They have had to recall items because of see through material, and most recently a recall because of metal pieces on jackets causing injury to some consumers. I want to let you know that there is a new active wear company that is better than Lululemon, it is called Graced By Grit.

Graced By Grit is a Solana Beach, California based company that designs and sells active wear for women that, as they say, is “fit for land or sea”. The company offers a wide range of items to choose from. From short’s and skirts, to capris, legging, bras, tanks, jackets and pull overs, they even have accessories like hats, socks, gloves and head band’s. Graced by Grit has you covered from head to toe. So why switch to Graced By Grit?

First, they are much more affordable then Lululemon, and for those of us on a budget that still want cute work out clothes that is a big selling point. Their not kidding when they say their clothes are “fit for land or sea”. I recently bought a pair of shorts and went paddle boarding in them, they kept me dry, and weren’t ruined after I fell in a few times. When you order product form Graced By Grit your order come with a whistle, the whistle is to help you to fell safe while working out no matter where you are, which is a pretty cool idea if you ask me. Finally, this business is a female owned and operated business; by buying their products you are not only supporting this company but your also supporting a female businesses and inspiring other women in the process.

Many of you probably have heard of Graced By Grit before this article, but I strongly encourage you to try their products. They offer good quality products that will inspire you to get out and move. They will also inspire you to try something new, conquer a fear, set new goals, or even inspire someone else.

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