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Sharpening your perceptive skills is the key to Creativity. Creativity is all around us and all of us have the ability to be inventive. Though, rarely does it come easy to us. On the off chance that that is true for you as well, and creativity appears challenging, rest assured it doesn’t need to be. You should do nothing more than prepare yourself to be creative and you’d be shocked that it can be as basic as rehearsing your forces of perception and being more mindful of your environment.

Here are a few tips you can attempt to do that will help you enhance your perceptive skills.

Pay attention to points of interest – This one requires you to take a step back and be mindful about what you’re doing and where you are. For instance, when you get dressed, pay attention on what you do first, second etc. When you go out, take in the color of the lawn, the door and the sky. Paying attention to easily overlooked details like this will help you figure out how to be present in the moment, regardless of what you’re doing and this will help you develop your own creativity. When you’re aware of what you’re doing, you see things in an alternate light and your imagination starts to wake up.

Do something other than what’s expected – In some cases, all it takes to sharpen your perception abilities, as well as to get the creative juices flowing, is to just take the time to do something else. It doesn’t need to be anything too exotic like running off and meditating amongst the mountains somewhere. It can be something as basic as traveling to a nearby town that you’ve never seen or explored. When you do something new, you’re more mindful of what’s going on around you and you start giving careful consideration to what you see, smell, listen, feel and taste.

Go to a recreation center, café or some other open spot with a pen and book – This can be a lot of fun because people watching can be very intriguing. Put aside time to go to an adjacent park and watch people come and go. Pay attention to how they move, their clothes, and how they interact with each other.

As you watch them, start to record distinctive points of interest. Pay attention to your senses and write down what you see, hear and smell. Try not to invest a lot of energy thinking about what you should write. Instead, just simply put down on paper whatever pops into your head. Once again, not only does this help you enhance your perception skills, it helps you figure out how to focus and be aware of what’s going on around you. Furthermore, as you do this and continue writing, you will start using those creative muscles in your brain that you so wish to strengthen.

Being mindful and attentive is an ability we can all work on and enhance. Day in and day out, we experience life, all while missing large portions of its subtler elements. Yet in the event that you make it a point to notice what’s happening around you, you’ll soon find numerous innovative approaches to utilize what you learn in your written work, fine art, or other creative pursuits.

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