How to Find Your Calling in Business


The world of business encompasses a vast array of specific disciplines. From marketing to accounting to management, business majors often find themselves on very different paths depending on their interests and career goals.

Because careers in the business field are so diverse, many colleges and universities require business majors to declare concentrations, and some even separate the field of business into several different majors.

If you know business is your calling but aren’t sure which specific path you’re most interested in, you’re not alone; it can be difficult to narrow all of your options down to one path that’s right for you.

Luckily, there are a few ways to make this big decision much less complicated.

  1. Evaluate your interests.

A little self-evaluation goes a long way in making big life decisions.

If you enjoy math and problem solving, accounting might be the path for you. If you enjoy interacting with people and designing business campaigns, marketing could be the way to go. If you enjoy leading others, you’d likely enjoy management.

Matching your hobbies and interests with a career path will likely lead to a very rewarding career in the long run.

  1. Test all your options.

After you evaluate your interests, you may find that you’re interested in more than one field of business. If that’s the case, you may need to test all of your options to find the one you most enjoy.

The best way to test your options is to take classes in multiple business fields. If one field instantly sticks out to you as intriguing, take a few more classes in it to see if your interest continues.

Even if you decide to switch paths after taking several classes in a certain field, any business classes you take will benefit you in your future career.

  1. Consider your career goals.

When you imagine your life in five, ten or twenty years, you are simultaneously setting your career goals.

Whether you dream of owning a small business or becoming the CEO of a large company, your career goal is uniquely yours, and you will likely follow a unique path to get to where you want to go.

The next step is to figure out which degree field will get you to your desired career. If you enjoy a certain business concentration but find it won’t allow you to meet your career goal, you will need to either rethink your career goal or rethink your interests in order to make sure they complement each other.

Once you are able to find yourself in the vast ocean of business, it will be much easier to make your way to the path that’s right for you.

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Holly Nelms studies Mass Communications at East Tennessee State University. She loves writing and hopes to become a journalist after graduation.

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