Honor Society E-mail Invites Legit?

Have you received an invitation to join an honor society via e-mail? Is it worthwhile, or just another piece of spam in your inbox? The truth is that most honor societies–at least the ones that are up on today’s communication standards–do send e-mails! This is a good thing because sitting around and waiting for a piece of mail in the mailbox just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not only is it a giant waste of money, it’s also slower and more cumbersome, and for no good reason!

Honor Society has a good read dedicated to their honor society e-mail and it’s worth the quick read to get better acquainted with their program. E-mail is an incredibly responsible way to send invites in general, and has been employed in the invitation space across the field. Have you every received a wedding invitation or birthday party invitation via e-mail from Evite or Paperless Post? Did your parents receive an e-mail for weddings and birthdays when they were in college? No, because e-mail didn’t exist back then!!

An honor society e-mail invitation today is really no different than that e-mail invite you got to your cousin Tiffany’s destination wedding, or the Facebook event invitation to your best friend’s birthday party. None of these things happened a generation ago, because e-mail didn’t exist!

Is it a scam when your credit card sends you online statements instead of paper statements? I wish! Unfortunately the bills are still real. Likewise, honor societies have adapted to the times and started sending e-mails to inductees simply because it’s more efficient. No more wasting your dues on mailings that just end up in the trash can and landfill. It’s smart and logical to send e-mails instead of postal mail. Next time someone tells you and honor society invitation is not legit, gaze up in the air and think to yourself about all of the other “back in my day” stories you’ve been told from those of yesteryear…


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