Honor Society Invitations in Your Mailbox?

Congratulations! You are invited to join Honor Society. Does this sound familiar?

Every year, select students receive invitations to join honor societies. Naturally since invitations are by definition informing you that you are invited, there is a good chance that you were not expecting this. Just because you were not expecting something does not mean it is not real however. Honor societies are a centuries old academic question, and the question has always been “to join or not to join.” Honor society e-mails are more just a sign of the times than anything else. Students and parents are surprised to see an honor society e-mail in their inbox, but we’re used to the idea of wedding and birthday invites via e-mail. Here is a rundown of why honor societies send e-mail invitations:

  1. Keeping up with the times: You receive your bills via e-mail, event invitations via e-mail, coupons and deals via e-mail, and even news digests via e-mail. Why not correspondences from your honor society?
  2. Saving members money: Remember, honor societies are paying for the invitations they mail you with society funds that members like you pay via dues. Do you really want your dues going towards postal mail that will end up in a landfill.
  3. Save the environment: From letterhead to envelopes, literally millions of pieces of paper are saved. That means more trees in the environment doing what Mother Nature intended, which is creating oxygen.
  4. Faster: Snail mail takes forever. Do you really want to wait days to find out you’re invited to an honor society. That’s exciting news, and something that you’d like to know as soon as possible.
  5. Engaging: E-mails are way more engaging than traditional mail. You can click on links to learn more, peruse the organization’s website, see their social media pages, and most importantly join seamlessly! A secure link to join an honor society makes much more sense than writing your credit card on a postcard or giving it to someone over the phone. Kudos to the honor societies that get this.

For those 5 reasons and more take those honor society e-mails in your inbox seriously, and give some props to the savvy societies that are saving you time and money.

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