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When you think of honor societies, you may not immediately think of a podcast, but HonorSociety.org may be about to change that! The honor society just launched a podcast series entitled “The HonorSociety.org Review.” So far the series has been met with positive reviews. The podcast is available on iTunes, and so far has  a 5-star review. Longhornsfan101ut described the podcast on iTunes as  “Great content geared towards building your personal brand.”

I just listened to the “Brain Training” podcast by Sheida Rabibour, who is a PhD candidate is this area. The topics discussed included flow and getting “in the zone.” Well, let’s just say I must have been in the zone listing to their podcast, because it certainly didn’t feel like 20 minutes of my time. HonorSociety.org generally does a good job curating fascinating topics for its members, so I really was not shocked that it was worthwhile. HonorSociety.org was also discussed by us in 4 benefits of joining an honor society.

We’ve embedded the Brain Training podcast in this post as a preview for our members. What are your thoughts? Feel free to listen and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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