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This is not a drill. Do not ignore that email! The one that goes, “Congratulations (insert your name here), you have been accepted into the __________ Honor Society!” If you delete it or send it to your junk folder, you’re also throwing away what could be a great addition to your resume. Being accepted into, and joining, an academic based Honor Society (no matter which one) says a few things about you: you stand out amongst your peers, you have proven yourself academically, you are involved on your campus, and you have the qualities of a leader. By you taking the 10-20 minutes out of your day to click on that link in your email and register with the Honor Society that you have been specifically chosen to be a part of, you are opening up your academic and professional world to opportunity. Here are the benefits of joining an Honor Society in college:

1. Networking opportunities

Networking is what college is all about! It is in those 2-4 years at the school of your choosing where you will make a lot of your lifelong friends and connections. I can’t think of a better networking opportunity than joining a society of people who demonstrate academic strength, leadership, and campus involvement. These are the types of people you want to be working with and speaking on your behalf down the road.

2. Resume booster

Being a part of an Honor Society is something grad schools and employers look for in an individual. As I’ve mentioned, there are certain things your involvement says about you and those positive attributes do nothing but glorify you in the eyes of an admissions officer or employer.

3. You have proven yourself academically

Generally, in Honor Societies across the board, the common characteristic of those admitted is academic excellence. Why would you turn down an opportunity to be recognized for your hard work? It’s more than the graduation regalia and certificates. It’s an organization giving you special status and applauding you for your academic efforts.

4. You are getting involved on campus

Getting involved on campus is something of value and importance. You don’t want to leave your college or university without being able to say you were somehow involved in something bigger than yourself. By joining an Honor Society you have just become a part of an on campus organization. And not just any organization, but one that is highly regarded.

So, don’t delete that email. Give it a second look and see what this Honor Society thing is all about. You won’t regret it!

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Junior business student at Washington State University. Go Cougs!

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