Buying brand name products and dressing like your favorite celebrity isn’t as expensive as you might think, if you know where to shop. Many of us want the brand name clothing we see in magazines and those that celebrities are wearing. As a college student you may not realize that buying brand name on a budget can actually be within your reach. With an increase in the amount of online shopping being done there has also been an increase in the number of online resale stores popping up. These sites offer gently used (sometimes like new or never worn) brand name clothing, accessories and other products at rock bottom prices. These sites are great for college students not only because they allow you to buy the designers you love for less, they can also save you time by allowing you to shop for and sell clothing from home in your free time. These retail stores are constantly getting new products and some even offer coupons to those who sign up as regular users or when you refer a friend.

Tradesy is one of the most well known and fastest growing resale sites out there. It allows users to buy gently used brand name clothing and accessories like Gucci handbags, Lululemon workout clothes and True Religion jeans at a fraction of the cost. Tradesy is also a great place to sell your gently used brand name clothing to make some extra money. The only downside is that this site does not sell men’s clothing like some of the other sites.

ThredUp is another great place to buy gently used brand name clothing and accessories. Unlike Tradesy, this website offers women’s clothing, men’s clothing and clothing for children. ThredUp also offers a wider variety of brands like Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, and Banana Republic. You also have the opportunity to make money by selling your gently used brand name clothing and it’s fast and easy. They will send you a bag, you fill it up, and send it back (they pay for shipping). After they review your items, they’ll let you know how much you have made!

Twice is also another great website to buy from, it sells both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories at great prices. Twice also offers a wide range of brands to choose from and they even have a clearance section for those who like getting the most for their money. Like Tradesy and ThredUp this site also offers you the opportunity to sell brand name clothing as well.

These are just a few of the resale store out there, there are many more. If you do your homework, sites like these can really help you look good and save money, that way you can look great at that party on Friday night and still pay your rent!

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