How to Find Entertainment on a Budget


College is undoubtedly one of the busiest phases of life. From homework and studying to work and extracurricular activities, college students often have to make sacrifices in some areas in order to excel in others.

In moments when college life gets a little less busy, many students take advantage of the free time by actively seeking out entertainment options. There are often plenty of things to do in a college town, but the options can be much more limited for those on a tight budget.

If you’re looking for entertainment but don’t have the cash for pricey outings, here are a few cheap entertainment options you and your friends can enjoy.

  1. Get crafty.

Chances are, you probably have some old scraps of paper or fabric at your disposal. Whether it’s faded t-shirts or old newspapers, you can make crafts with just about anything as long as you get creative.

If you don’t have any makeshift crafting materials, you can often purchase certain craft supplies for bargain prices. To save even more cash, collect coupons to local craft stores and monitor each store’s sale prices to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.

  1. Rent movies.

Movies are undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of entertainment. If you’re looking for entertainment that doesn’t require much effort on your part, movies are probably the way to go.

There are many websites and services that offer movie rentals for only a couple dollars, and after you submit your payment, the movie instantly becomes available to you on any of your compatible devices.

Add in some microwavable popcorn, and you’ve instantly recreated the movie-going experience, without spending more than a few dollars.

  1. Participate in free campus activities.

If you aren’t the crafty type and you don’t have any extra cash for movie renting, free on-campus activities are offered to students on a frequent basis.

From movie screenings and sporting events to concerts and plays, there are on-campus activities suited to a variety of interests.

Not only are these activities free, but they also acquaint you with classmates you may not have met otherwise.

For those times when college life becomes more manageable and less stressful, finding entertainment doesn’t have to be a struggle. Even once you’ve tried all of the above ideas, there will still be other entertainment options available to you that are college budget-friendly.

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