Meatless Monday Recipe


With the extreme drought in California people are trying to save water any way possible. One way people are trying to save water is by doing meatless Mondays. I have started doing this along with many others that I know, not only is this a great way to save water but its also a great way to stay on track with a diet. Bellow is one of my favorite meatless Monday recipes.

What you’ll need:
• 6 medium sized tomatoes
• 1 bundle of basil
• 1 bag of spinach
• 1 jar of already minced garlic
• Olive oil
• 1lb of organic wheat pasta, or whatever type of pasta you like
• A large sauce pan
• 1 large pot for the pasta
• A large mixing spoon
• A spaghetti strainer


First, will need to start by getting the pot of water for the pasta boiling. Then you will need to chop up your ingredients. Start by chopping you tomatoes in to medium-sized pieces, next take the leaves off the basil and chop them in to fine pieces. Once your ingredients are chopped up, in your sauce pan add 3 table spoons of Olive oil and 2 tea spoons of minced garlic, let the ingredients get hot and start to sizzle. Once the Olive oil and garlic have sizzled for about 2 minutes add your tomatoes and basil, then add the package of spinach. Remember, to wash your tomatoes and spinach before putting them into the pan. Let the ingredients sauté for about 10 minutes; be sure to stir the mixture every 2-3 minutes. The sauté should only need to cook for about 10 minutes. While the sauté is cooking add your pasta to the boiling water ad let it cook until pasta is cooked to your liking. Once the pasta is cooked add a teaspoon of Olive oil to the pasta so it doesn’t stick together. To enjoy add pasta and sauté mix together in a bowel.

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