Taco Tuesday Recipe


Taco Tuesday is a great way to socialize with friends during your busy school week. However, going out every Tuesday for tacos can get expensive and become very time consuming, especially if you have studying to do. Having a taco Tuesday get together at home is a great compromise. Below is a taco recipe that will help make your at home taco Tuesday celebration very delicious.

What you will need:
• Between 1-3lbs of ground beef (depending on how many people you want to feed).
• 1 large Serrano chili (this can be optional if you don’t like spicy food)
• 1 jar of your favorite green salsa
• 1 bundle of cilantro
• ½ a medium sized white onion
• 2 large limes
• 1 package of McCormick taco seasoning, or your favorite taco seasoning.
• A large sauce pan
• A spatula


First, start by chopping all of your ingredients; finely chop up the cilantro and the Serrano chili and set them aside. Next chop up the onion this can be finely chopped or coarsely chopped based on how strong you want the onion flavor to be. After your ingredients are chopped up, place your large sauce pan on the stove and add ½ of your jar of green salsa and all the ingredients you just chopped. Let the salsa, onions, cilantro and chili simmer for about 2 minutes. Then cut one of the limes and squeeze the lime juice into the mixture, while adding some pulp of the lime too. At this point you should have an amazing smelling sauce in your pan. Next add your ground beef and start mixing the beef with the sauce that’s in the pan. Keep mixing the ground beef with the sauce, once the meet starts to become brown add the taco seasoning and the juice and pulp of your second lime. Continue mixing until meet is completely brown and ready to eat or for 20-30minutes. Once the meet is completely cooked your are free to enjoy!

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