The Best of E-Books

I am an old-timer when it comes to reading books and, if you are an epic book lover like myself, you are as well. What is an old-timer to books? It’s when you only believe in reading physical books. You want the feel of the pages as you turn them and you want to be able to place them on your shelves and admire them from afar, even when you’re done reading them. It is a strange love that is hard to describe to others. If it is hard for you to describe this feeling of joy you get when grabbing a physical copy of a book, then welcome. Unfortunately, I must let you know that it is time for a strange. I, myself, pledged to never pick up an e-book because I thought it not worth my time and too reliant on technology like most of the 21st century is already. Little did I know, I would come to eat my own words. Here are why e-books may just be the best choice for reading.


A Time Saver!

Since I have a busy college life, there’s not a lot of time to go to book stores and start buying books. Sometimes on the weekend I may be able to make enough time to spare, but other than that, the little amount of time that I do have doesn’t help my book addiction. E-Books on the other hand, are so easy to find. You go on whichever app you use and switch between books until you find something that works for you. It’s not only the buy that saves time, but reading in general. Having an e-book around on my cell phone, I can open up my book whenever I want, contrary to carrying my physical books in my book bag, along with my school books. I’ve also found that when I read e-books, I go a lot faster. Perhaps it’s the tiny words or the accomplishment of swifting through chapters. Either way, it leaves me with a satisfied sense of triumph.


Become A Hoarder!

Don’t worry if you don’t have any more bookshelf space. I know the feeling. Now, you have the portable technology of an e-book! Really though, if you are running out of available space but still want to grab more books, it’s alright. You can become the book hoarder you always wanted to be. Stack that digital library up as much as you want.



Because e-books are as the name shows, electronic books, they are, at most times, a lot cheaper than physical books. This only helps feed your book addiction. Being a college student, I understand the need for sales/discounted items. A lot of times some genre or series of e-books are having some sort of sale that will help you save money, all the while grabbing as many books as you want.


The Best of Both Worlds

All of this doesn’t mean that you need to abandon physical books altogether. Even the thought is hard for most book lovers, but you can now have the best of both worlds. And yeah, having e-books instead of physical copies help with the reduction of paper needed. Right now, I am dealing with the best of both worlds and only recently I started reading e-books. The idea made me laugh but as I suspect would happen, I fell in love with them. Maybe you will too.

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