Why Join HonorSociety.org?

“Why join HonorSociety.org?” The video above is an explanation directly from the Executive Director of the organization.

If you’re an ambitious academic student, by now you’ve probably been invited to join one or more honor societies. While you may be wondering what the best reason to join is, the simple answer is because it’s worth it. HonorSociety.org is unique from other honor societies in it’s sheer scope and scale. The society has members and alumni all across the world who actively help one another out when they can. The culture around HonorSociety.org is about paying it forward and helping fellow members succeed, because you are confident that they would do the same for you.

Some more of benefits unique to HonorSociety.org:

  • Job Search.  HonorSociety.org has a job search function that let’s you search over 20 million open job listings from across the nation. From Indeed to Monster to SimplyHired, HonorSociety.org consolidates all of the jobs for you in one convenient location.
  • Career Insider. All active members receive access to Vault.com’s Career Insider reports. The reports give candidates detailed insider knowledge on thousands of industries and companies.
  • Scholarship Opportunities. HonorSociety.org awards scholarships in numerous categories to its members and has a comprehensive directory of searchable scholarships.
  • Member Trips. From Los Angeles to Washington DC, members connect for real-life adventures and networking opportunities.
  • Exclusive Benefits. From test prep to textbook rentals to dental discounts, HonorSociety.org offers numerous member benefits to its members.


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