Scholarship’s at Large

Receiving a scholarship weather it’s full or partial is more than just free money; it’s a reassurance that your education if not all at least partial is paid off. It’s not a 100% guaranteed that FASFA will pay or cover all of your tuition based on the college or university your attending and whether or not you’re an out state or in state student; in these situations it’s good to have a fall back plan such as grants and scholarships to pick up the remaining. When starting your college career it’s important to avoid student loans for as long as possible; for example if you go your sophomore and freshmen year without student loans that means upon your graduation you have two years’ worth of student loans to payback rather than four years. While you still owe a large sum of money it would be much greater if you had taken out a student loan for all four years of college not including if you wanted to attend graduate school. Applying for scholarships are typically very essay they usually require an essay at most explaining why you want the scholarship etc. and some do not require an essay just you filling out the application form. For some colleges and university you can apply for various scholarships through the school just by simply going to the school website and selecting scholarships. There are also several websites that you can use to apply for scholarships; my favorite is called and you basically register with the site and once your registered you can search for a numerous scholarships based on whatever criteria you select this website is also offered as an mobile app which is of my favorite features because you can search and apply for scholarships on the go. Below I’ve listed the top five best scholarship websites according to USA Today College. First we have once creating a profile, username, and password you’re all set to search for scholarships, another free resource that you can search for scholarships on, which is a unique scholarship website where you earn “points” through various activities on the site making you more eligible for different scholarship’s in addition to the ones you’ve already applied for, which some of you may have from high school can still be used just switch from high school student to undergrad and last but not least where you can search for numerous scholarships or if you’re looking to transfer it provides you with option of searching for colleges and schools all at the same time.

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