Fun and Cheap Summer Activities

Summer break is in full swing, and with it comes endless opportunities for fun in the sun.

While many college students may be dreaming of lavish tropical excursions, there are many other budget-friendly ways to have fun this summer.

1. See an outdoor movie.

Outdoor movies have always been a popular summer pastime. There’s nothing like grabbing a lawn chair or blanket and watching a family-friendly film under the stars.

Many parks, businesses and other organizations will either host or sponsor these movies, and they are usually free to the public.

2. Attend a festival.

Many towns hold day-long or week-long festivals during the summer. These celebrations are usually designed to bring the community together through a variety of activities, including live music, craft and bake sales, competitions, shows and other events.

While some events require a fee to participate, others are free to attend.

3. Host a pool party.

If large crowds of people aren’t your thing, having a pool party with family or friends can lend itself to a perfect – and wallet-friendly – day.

If you don’t have a pool of your own, spending the day relaxing at a public pool is another budget-friendly option.

4. Have picnics at the park.

Paying a visit to your local park is a great way to spend a nice summer day. Invite a group of friends or family to bring a picnic food of their choice, and spend the day enjoying your treats as you bask in the beauty of nature.

If your local park includes a lake, renting a boat for a few hours can also be a fun pastime, though it can be costly.

5. Attend local concerts.

If you’re looking for some entertainment but can’t afford tickets to a big-name band, local bands often hold summertime concerts that are either free or inexpensive to attend.

Even if there are no local bands that play your style of music, listening to new sounds can expand your musical horizons in ways you would’ve never imagined.

While these ideas barely scratch the surface of the many opportunities available to have fun during the summer, they should get you on the right track to having a summer to remember.

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